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meow years resolutions

17 plans your cat is definitely making for 2017

Big plans for the coming year. Big, disruptive plans.

Cat alex012 alex012

1. Wail like a banshee at the door of a press and then when you finally open  simply walk away nonchalantly

2. Go berserk at least once a day, bouncing off walls and swinging from curtains, most likely after taking a shite

3. Repeat number two, but in the dead of night

4. Suddenly and without warning refuse to eat anything except one expensive and difficult to source cat food

5. Immediately after you have bought said cat food in bulk, change allegiances again and refuse to eat it

Chin Rest meg's my name meg's my name

6. Sit perfectly still in an extremely cute position for long periods of time but move the split second you try to take a photo

7. Look at you like you have just insulted its ancestors if you dare to sneeze or make any sudden movements

8. Insist on sitting in front of the telly

9. Insist on sitting as close to your face as possible

10. Insist on sitting on the paper you intend to wrap around any gift

11. Hide in the bath and give several frights to unsuspecting fools

cat bath Adrastaia on Reddit Adrastaia on Reddit

12. Give self several frights with own tail

13. Want to go outside and yet stay indoors

14. Expect you to hold the door open for lengthy periods of time while trying to solve the indoors/outdoors conundrum

15. Learn the locations of treat hiding places at frightening speed, and then sit near them, wailing

16. Turn making a bed into an impossible task

17. Eat phone charger

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