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11 things we all said in our Irish oral and what we actually meant

It’s time to relive the trauma.

IT’S A RITE of passage that every Irish person goes through — the Leaving Cert Irish oral.

As we all know, the Irish oral doesn’t so much resemble an actual conversation as it does a mash-up of weird Irish proverbs and filler phrases.


1. “Bhí an aimsir ar fheabhas, buíochas le Dia”

sun Dana / Flickr Dana / Flickr / Flickr

Translation: The weather was lovely, thanks be to God.

Actual translation: Yeah, I just casually dropped a “buíochas leDia” on you mid-convo. I’m practically fluent.

2. “Táimid ar mhuin na muice”

pig StripeyAnne / Flickr StripeyAnne / Flickr / Flickr

Translation: We’re on the pig’s back.

Actual translation: We’re mildly pleased with ourselves, but I’m going to exaggerate for the purposes of this oral.

3. “Bhí an trá dubhledaoine!”

flickr Let's Go Out Bournemouth / Flickr Let's Go Out Bournemouth / Flickr / Flickr

Translation: The beach was black with people!

Actual translation: I didn’t even go to the beach. I was just determined to get “dubhledaoine” in there somewhere.

4. “Creid é nó na creid é”

yjbmm reactiongifs reactiongifs

Translation: Believe it or not

Actual translation: Sit tight, I’m about to blow your goddamned mind with some Irish.

5. “Bhí an ghrian ag scoilteadh na gcloch!”

sunshine Dawn Ellner / Flickr Dawn Ellner / Flickr / Flickr

Translation: The sun was splitting the stones!

Actual translation: BOOM, ANOTHER PROVERB. (It actually rained.)

6. “Gan aon dabht ar bith”

giphy (6) jpomegranate / Tumblr jpomegranate / Tumblr / Tumblr

Translation: Without any doubt at all

Actual translation: I’m trying to waste time while also sounding like I know what I’m talking about.

7. “Táim craiceáilte faoi ceol”

music Thorsten Krienke / Flickr Thorsten Krienke / Flickr / Flickr

Translation: I’m crazy about music!

Actual translation: I’ve reached my “is maith liom” quota and now I sound weird :(

8. “Agus rudaí mar sin”

giphy (7) Giphy Giphy

Translation: And such/and things like that

Actual translation: I’m dying on my arse here.

9. “I mo thuairim pearsanta féin…”

giphy (8) Gifhound Gifhound

Translation: In my own personal opinion…

Actual translation: I’m just inserting extra words here, while I try desperately to remember what my opinion is.

10. “Sin ceist mhaith…”


Translation: That’s a good question.

Actual translation: I hadn’t bloody prepared that, you hoor.

11. “Níl suim dá laghad agam”

giphy (9) thatlovesm / Tumblr thatlovesm / Tumblr / Tumblr

Translation: I haven’t the faintest interest…

Actual translation: MOVE ON, PLEASE.

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