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9 things your granny did that your mam would never do

Grannies are great.

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NOW, DON’T GET us wrong.  Mams are great.  They tolerate our BS day in day out, and manage to keep their cool most of the time.  We appreciate them.  But grannies are a special lot.

They specialise in fun times with you, and they don’t have the same constraints that parents have.  As in, when you’re tired and cranky and hopped up on sugar, they can give you back.

You may not identify with all of these things, but one or two should ring a bell.  If not, we’re sorry for your granny troubles.

Here are nine things your granny probably did that your mam wouldn’t.

Let you stay up late to watch tv with her.

Even if it was just to wach this kind of craic on the Late Late.


Take you special places

Or even if it wasn’t special, she’d make it feel like it was special.  E.g.  Lighting a candle in the local church.

Flickr/Neilwill/Creative Commons

Buying you the variety pack of cereal.

Your mam never would.

Probably because she knew you’d get into an argument with your sibling over who was going to eat the corn flakes.

Flickr/dan taylor/Creative Common

Make your favourite dinner every time you go to her house.

Flickr/Ewan-M/Creative Commons

Give you that fancy dollhouse you wanted that your mam wouldn’t get you.

(Or football boots, paints, lego set etc.)

Flickr/georgivar/Creative Commons

Press a fiver into your palm every time you see her.

Flickr/I am I.A.M./Creative Commons

Think you’re the greatest thing in the world no matter what you’re up to.

She’s always your hype woman.

Even if you’re miming a rap song with vastly innappropriate lyrics.


Buy you a kinder egg.

She would never say, ‘You only want it for the toy!  You don’t even like the chocolate!’

Flickr/Dave77459/Creative Commons

And sometimes, if you’re really really really lucky, she’ll go to a party with you and breakdance

YouTube/Baratunde Thurston

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