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20 things Irish dads love
Mowing the lawn, taping things, chops…

IT’S FATHER’S DAY, so let’s celebrate all the things they love the most.

Things like…


Lamb. Pork. Can’t beat a decent chop.

Lamb Rib Chop


The magic elixir that can fix anything. A wonky bike chain, a squeaky press door, cuts and scrapes; just lash on a bit of WD-40.

Would you like WD40 with that? Sam Hames Sam Hames

Slipping you a tenner

A textbook Dad move. Often accompanied by “don’t tell your mother”.



Cutting the grass

Bonus dad points if he owns a strimmer.

Mowing grass UGA College of Ag & Environmental Sciences - OCCS UGA College of Ag & Environmental Sciences - OCCS

Planning when to cut the grass in the future

Furiously looking at windows, pondering on the possibility of rain.


A particular newsreader or weather person

Like Jean Byrne up there. Or Eileen Dunne.

EileenDunne RTÉ Player RTÉ Player


Or Dire Straits. And a bit of Phil Collins. And not forgetting Christy Moore.

AC/DC New York + Philly Live! New York + Philly Live!

Teaching people to drive in fields

Nothing says “find the biting point” like doing figures of eight around hay bales.

Baled Nicholas_T Nicholas_T

A good set of screwdrivers

With both a flathead and a Phillips head, please.

Screw_Driver_display Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons


Essential for taking the dirt (and the skin) off your hands.

Westonzoyland Pumping Station, Blacksmith Shop Detail GethinThomas GethinThomas

The Hunt For Red October and The Shawshank Redemption

See also: anything starrring Gene Hackman.



Cooking it, eating it, talking about it…

Irish Lamb Stew naotakem naotakem

Pretending to hate the bloody cat

But spending 7 hours looking for it when it goes missing.

asleep on dad damselfly58 damselfly58

That aisle in Lidl or Aldi that sells the car jacks/leaf blowers/ski suits/inflatable DVD holders/compost


Bloody terrible jokes

Saying that people ‘look well’ or are “looking well”

Miriam O’Callaghan or Niall Quinn’s wife Gillian are examples of people who might be “looking well”.

mir Laura Hutton / Photocall Ireland Laura Hutton / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland

A decent phone cover

Preferably leather. Preferably with the capability to be attached to a belt.


Taping things

“Tape that for me there”.

VHS'sss Orin Zebest Orin Zebest

A good solid shoe

You know the ones. Kind of half boat shoe at the top and decent walking shoe at the bottom.

shoes Echo Echo

Talking about how good the picture is on the telly

And woe betide anyone who says they can’t tell the difference between HD and regular telly.

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