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6 Irish things you'll see the minute spring arrives

Shorts, flip flops, and people freezing.

NOW WE DON’T want to get too excited about it, lest it disappears, but it would appear that spring has arrived.  At last.

Hopefully we can finally stop bracing ourselves for icy wind every time we step outside the door, and simply enjoy a bit of sun and lukewarmth (let’s not get carried away).

Aside from the actual weather, the arrival of spring also brings some very Irish behaviour.  We are a nation which is very prone to weather excitement, and sometimes we get a little carried away.

Here are six things you can expect to see now that spring has arrived (hopefully, fingers crossed etc.).

Ugg boots plus bare legs plus pretty mini skirt

…because it’s cold enough for you to want to keep your feet warm, but it’s Spring so you have to wear your Spring clothes!


Bad fake tan

It’s your Spring colour!  (See also:  Summer foundation which is three shades darker than your actual skin.)

Can't see the image?  Try reloading the page. Via Imgur

This guy...


...standing beside this guy at a bus stop


For some people, sun = shorts.  No matter what the temperature.

People sitting outside pubs and bars despite the fact that it's freezing because there is a single ray of sun

This isn't LA, and you're not on the Hills, but it's fun to pretend, isn't it?


People having a picnic in the park, not speaking because they are too cold to function


People wearing flip flops in the rain

Curse our natural optimism!

Flickr/torbakhopper/Creative Commons

Lads, let's keep ahold of ourselves.  Hopefullly there will be summer, but it's not quite shorts weather yet.

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