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14 things Irish people know for sure

These are the facts of Irish life.

AS A PEOPLE, there are certain things we know.  Certain pieces of wisdom, or little truths that can not be denied about Irish life.

Here are 14 of those things.

If you open a packet of crisps in the pub, you must open it entirely, spread the packet out and place it on the table for all to share.

A Tale of two packets Source: Jana Mills

You may give out about the Late Late Show all year round, but you must watch the toy show and you will almost certainly enjoy it.

The RTE Toy Shows Source: Sam Boal

You may not be interested in GAA, but if your county is in the All-Ireland final you will care, and you must support them.

Hurling Fans Source: Photocall Ireland

There is no better cure for a hangover than a fry, preferably cooked by your mother.

Ireland on a plate Source: Bob Usher

Cans of Guinness are for cooking and foreigners.  Not for the likes of us.

Canned Guinness flavour Source: csiknor

If someone speaks to you about the weather, you must respond with interest.

weather Source: Flickr

‘An bhfuil céad agam dul amach go dtí an leithreas’

school Source: Flickr

A can of rock shandy is the world’s best fizzy drink.

photo-90-e1363176892575-373x500 Source: DailyEdge.ie

‘Sure, we’ll go for one’ means you are agreeing to go for at least four.

154356145_5d0c8b86c8_z Source: Flickr

The less expensive your article of clothing, the more proud of it you can be – ‘Penneys finest!’

Penney's Source: miguev-maps

With the arrival of Spring, you must frequently utter the following phrases.

daffodils in stephens green Source: fxgeek

Grand stretch in the evening.
There’s heat in that sun.
Great drying weather!

You haven’t sufficiently said goodbye to someone on the phone until you’ve said ‘bye’ at least seven times.


A Chinese dinner may be simply comprised of chips, rice and curry sauce.

three-in-one Source: Facebook/Long Fang Kitchen

Tea will cure 90% of what ails you.


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