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16 things all long-term couples know to be true

In it for the long haul.

1. Cuddling is great, but you need your own space for sleeping

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Spooning, while enjoyable in short bursts, is not really conducive to a full night’s rest.

2. You have in-jokes that you’d be mortified if anyone found out about

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It makes no sense, but you’ll still fall about the place laughing at it.

3. And weird words and sayings that only the two of you understand

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Again, no one else should ever have to find out.

4. You’ve done things for each other you never thought you would be OK with

Plucking, squeezing, scratching… You have no idea what ‘too gross’ means any more.

5. A perfectly timed cup of tea can be the most romantic gesture of all

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6. You have no idea how to advise your mates on Tinder tactics, because you’ve literally never used it

7. People expect you to be a package deal

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Which can be nice, but also, WE’RE OUR OWN PEOPLE.

8. You owe each other so much money that you’ve stopped keeping count

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“Will you get that takeaway?”
“I got the last one. You get it.”
“But I got us those new bedsheets and tea towels.”
“And I got the washing powder!”

Repeat ad infinitum.

9. You’ve started genuinely caring about their hobbies

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You know, like how Man U are doing or who they reckon will win this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

10. You don’t need to try and impress each other any more

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The lack of pressure is incredibly freeing.

11. You’ve stopped apologising for bodily functions

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Farts, tummy gurgles, periods – it’s whatever, man.

12. Your text messages have taken on a very different tone


13. And your fights are a lot less earth-shattering

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Now that the status of your relationship isn’t in doubt, you’ve moved on to argue about the dishwasher and who should leave the house for milk.

14. It is possible to be comfortable around your SO’s parents

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The initial meeting was awkward, yes, but now you all sit around watching Gogglebox like you’ve known each other for yonks.

15. And it is fantastic to have someone to rant to at length

You’re afraid of boring/annoying just about everyone else, but not your other half.

16. Most importantly, you’re best pals

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Best pals with a world of benefits. Awesome.

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