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21 things that will make you feel a lot better about 2016


2016 has been a rough, rough year.

But if you look hard enough, there’s still lovely, hilarious moments to be found.

1. Look at this cat playing fetch like he’s a damn dog

2. Remember when Beyoncé graced us with the magnificence that is Lemonade

giphy (19) Source: Giphy

3. Or when she hadn’t a clue how tennis worked and revealed she could be dosey like the rest of us

(If you can’t see the video, please click here.) 

4. When Chewbacca visited a primary school in Co. Kerry and delighted all the kids there

prov Source: Provided to DailyEdge

5. When the cast and crew of Star Wars fell in love with Ireland


6. When this little girl sent an accidentally cruel (and hilarious) card to her bald cousin

slFZBxC Source: Imgur

7. When this little girl’s face demonstrated why Lady Ghostbusters totally mattered

8. When these lads got a wrong number text about a couple having a baby, and decided to drop by with gifts anyway

MvGpFxg Source: Imgur

xvfyyue Source: Imgur

jiQbUQT Source: Imgur

9. When this 8-year-old executed the best face swap ever

10. When the most Irish headline ever appeared

Very, very shook cow.

shook Source: Irish Independent

11. When Irish lads caused mayhem on the streets of St. Denis…. by singing World Of Our Own

(If you can’t view the video, please click here.)


12. When this delightful 106-year-old woman met Barack and Michelle Obama, and had a dance party


14. When this guy was totally sound about people getting Pokemons in his garden

Because the world is hard enough, eh?

CnormK1W8AAe5T1 Source: Joe Heenan/Twitter

15. This Irish woman’s sister’s reaction to her coming out as trans

download (1) Source: Aoife Martin/Twitter

download (2) Source: Aoife Martin/Twitter

16. When this Dad made the most Dad mistake ever

X1SEvLK Source: Imgur

17. The most Irish Mam text ever

18. When this young lad flipped a water bottle and the whole crowd went WILD

So stupid, yet impossible not to smile at it.

19. When Pokemon Go bestowed this incredible honour on an off-licence in Fairview

20. This amazing trailer for the Paralympics

If you can’t see the video, please click here.

21. When the internet made sure this girl with autism had the best birthday ever

Source: Rebecca/Facebook

13707618_290946477932141_7016734611509984620_n Source: Hailee's 18th Birthday/Facebook

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