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26 things you'll only find funny if you're Irish

An important nationality test.

1. This graffiti

Source: Imgur

2. This puzzling Countdown conundrum

3. This terrifying crime story

Source: Irish Times

4. This sporting outrage

Source: @RacingTips

5. What’s your name? “Áine”

Source: irishstarbucksnames

6. This tweet

7. This unpleasant diversion for English people

Source: Imgur

8. This kebab shop pun that is only accessible to Irish people

Source: @kildarejoe

9. The incredible scenes taking place in Sneem, Co Kerry

Source: Imgur

10. This offer

11. This beauty parlour and gym

12. This eye-opening assessment of a major tourist attraction

13. This compelling sell

Source: Imgur

14. This devastating court report

15. This important warning to motorists on the N11

Source: @DevilSad2

16. This rapper

Source: Wordpress

17. This example of the take-no-prisoners Irish business mindset

Source: snug12

18. This impeccable customer service from Burger King Tralee

19. This tweet

20. This immortal headline

Source: Irish Independent

21. This useful-sounding store in Oregon

Source: mattiliffe

22. This important commemorative plaque

Source: Amy O'Connor

23. This helpful structure in Laois, signposting a tricky route

Source: Imgur

24. This beauty soap

Source: Salman Trader

25. The face this chihuahua is making.

26. And these two lads from Wexford and Limerick, discreetly attending a Vegas pool party.

Source: Wexford Hub

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