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13 emotions you won't feel anywhere but Ireland

Ah sure, where else would you get it?

THERE ARE SOME feelings you can only experience on home soil.

Emotions you won’t feel anywhere else but Ireland.

1. The pride of revealing a purchase is from Penneys

And simply refusing point blank to take a compliment.

Source: Shutterstock

2. The fear inspired by the Glenroe theme on a Sunday night

Even now, hearing the opening bars can inspire homework-related TERROR.

Source: col2006ie

3. The glee and roar that goes up when someone drops a glass in the pub

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4. The joy of cheering on your county in Croke Park

And either heading to the pub back home or to Coppers, come victory or defeat.

Source: Twitter/Lucinda Creighton

5. The weirdly enjoyable boredom of lengthy conversations about the weather

Source: journal-fiona

6. The deep, dark mistrust for blow-ins

Or any family that hasn’t lived in your town for at least seven generations.

Sign presumably devised to out-fox the wily blow-ins Source: Kate Rooney

7. The strange suspicion that descends when you hear someone doesn’t drink

You what?

No, listen, really, I don't drink Source: Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

8. The delight at seeing a bit of unbeatable scenery

rockof The Rock of Cashel, Co Tipperary. Source: Shutterstock

9. The pleasure that comes from slaggings

The personal satisfaction and increased social standing that comes from verbally abusing someone for no particular reason (aka “slagging” or “making friends”).

Source: Shutterstock

10. The “a-ha!” moment when you meet someone out and realise you’re related/they know Mary from down the road

“Jesus, you know Mary, ah she’s gas!”

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11. The camaraderie in sharing some unique Irish humour

There are definitely some things that only another Irish person will get.

Source: Gemma Sherlock

12. The satisfaction of giving out yards about politics

There’s nothing the Irish do better than giving out, and it’s always better to do with someone who knows what you’re on about.

Source: Photocall Ireland/Tuxpi

13. The exhilaration that comes with being told “No, really, you ARE the best crowd in the world!”

Bands and performers at gigs always say Ireland is the best, and d’you know what? We’re tempted to believe them.

Is there any feeling you find unique to Ireland? Let us know in the comments.

And sure why not share this with someone who might need a reminder of the emotional roller-coaster that is Ireland.

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