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11 things you'll only understand if you really, *really* love your tea

You’re not yourself unless you’ve had at least two cups by 10am.

1. You are genuinely put out if you don’t get the chance to have a cup

#CGSPhotoChallenge Day 11: Relax. Self-explanatory!

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2. And you think it affects your general wellbeing

Headache? Well you haven’t had a cup of tea yet today, so…

3. You boil the kettle even on the hottest days of the year

#yellingpighobcovers #putthekettleon #inneedofacuppa #everhot

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And you endure everyone asking you ‘how you drink THAT in this heat’. It is easy. I raise the mug to my mouth and I drink the delicious tea.

4. Nothing makes you sadder than forgetting you made a cup

Here lies Cup Of Tea #2, perished from neglect. *sobs*

5. Yes, you take a ziplock pouch of teabags on holidays

It’s a cliché. So what.

6. And you use them all

“So we’re going away for a week, and I’ll need at the very least two teabags per day, so that’s… Yeah, just bring the whole box.”

7. You ask for English Breakfast Tea abroad, even though you know it won’t be ‘right’

Weird tea is better than no tea.

8. And you have a bone to pick with Irish Rail and the beverage they call ‘tea’

CV2ZOT8WIAAxDR9 Source: Twitter/@Amy_Can_

Since when is tea sour? That’s not Barry’s. That’s an IMPOSTER.

9. You have more mugs than you know how to deal with

This is because a) people understandably give you mugs as gifts and b) you prefer drinking out of a specific type of mug. It’s not strange.

10. Part of you doesn’t trust people who are unable to make a good cup

Like, what’s this?

Everytime. #TeaMakingFailure #weakTea #shite #teabreaktime #BetterTryAgain

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It doesn’t matter who you are. Friend, colleague or acquaintance – you’re getting side-eyed.

11. And people who don’t drink tea at all? You don’t understand them

And you never will.

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