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14 things short girls need everyone else to know

Call us cute. We dare you.

HEIGHT MATTERS. At least it does when you’re 5 foot 3 or under in a 5 foot 6 world.

Here are some things petite girls need everyone else to know.

As a shortie, it can be quite strange to meet a very tall person

#Shortgirlproblems With Baba Amara himself @lcspete and this talented model whose name i keep forgetting at #nairobieleganceaffair #teambowties Instagram / charlottemagayi Instagram / charlottemagayi / charlottemagayi

There’s just so much of them. How is that even possible?

And seeing the world from a slightly higher vantage point is jarring

So THIS is what it’d be like to be 6ft 8. Meh.

Not to mention being, er, intimate with tall folk

One of the cutest photo I took ^^ #photographie #photooftheday #photoshoot #cute #cutecouple #cutephoto #books #shortgirlproblems Instagram / fallen_angel_model Instagram / fallen_angel_model / fallen_angel_model

It takes some very delicate manoeuvring (and some props) to avoid being stuck in Armpit Town during sex.

Buying clothes for our lower halves is…interesting

#shortgirlprobs #storyofmylife Instagram / katestoryfitness Instagram / katestoryfitness / katestoryfitness

Tights that we can pull right up to our boobs (great for warmth, by the way). Jeans that create lovely denim flippers for our feet. ‘Shin-length’ skirts that touch our toes. Fun!

We don’t like to say it, but most of the time you’re walking too fast for us

giphy Giphy Giphy

When you’re doing two strides to your taller friend’s one massive stride, you get tired very quickly. But we will not admit defeat!

Crouching down to our level for a picture just makes us look even tinier

If you stood up straight, people wouldn’t even notice (probably).

Heels are a necessary evil

Miss Piggy finds solace in #charlotteolympia #fall15 #shoes Instagram / charlotte_olympia Instagram / charlotte_olympia / charlotte_olympia

You must choose: Pain, or having people comment on how small you are all night/getting crushed at the bar?

A tall person in front of us can genuinely ruin a gig/cinema trip

If we thought it’d actually scare them, we’d be all:

Tall-Person Tumblr Tumblr

We endanger ourselves every day reaching for things

Lemme just climb on this chair, then balance on the sink…

Some of us have caved and bought a specific step

Thankful for this #stool I mean, clearly...what would I #reach without you? I'm gonna start carrying you with me to the grocery store. Some of them shelves be like #skyhigh ________________________________ #shortgirlproblems #fitgirl #fitness #legs #humpday #goodnight #latergram #lol #shortgirls #notkidding #seriously #fitfam #fitspo #shorty #fitlife #lifestyle #gainz Instagram / fittienation_ Instagram / fittienation_ / fittienation_

But sometimes we will give up and ask taller people to reach for things. This should not be made into a big deal

anigif_enhanced-17000-1408407431-5 Buzzfed Buzzfed

Nor should our feet not touching the ground be made into an event

I literally cannot touch the ground when I sit on my new couch Instagram / manya8899 Instagram / manya8899 / manya8899

“Oh, your little legs!”

But lack of legroom will never really be a problem for us

We have that at least. *flies Ryanair, every time*

And we definitely don’t feel as small as we look

The Trinity, Frostbyte, Slay-Z, and Lucky Fiori brought the Bad Blood video to life tonight at #1989TourEastRutherford. Wonder what's in store tomorrow night.. Instagram / taylorswift Instagram / taylorswift / taylorswift

Sometimes, it takes seeing yourself beside a 6 footer to realise you’re miniscule. We are giants in our minds.

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