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15 times you felt like an absolute badass in primary school

Rebel rebel.

WERE YOU A badass in school…? You were if you can recall…

1. Smoking these at lunch

Popeye-candy-cigarettes Source: Bewilderedbug

2. Sitting at the back of the bus on school trips

… trying to get truck drivers to beep for you.

Up3EIHH Source: Imgur

3. Speaking while supposedly ag ciúnas

See this finger over my mouth? I can STILL TALK OVER IT.

tumblr_inline_mimdp6yjxC1qz4rgp Source: Tumblr

4. Ringing this at break time

With great power, comes great responsibility…

1049 Source: Wordpress

5. Not freezing when said bell went off

Ooooh, you moved.

playground Source: www.makewav.es

6. Miming in the choir

* Mouths* Here I aaaaam Lord.

tumblr_nypf3fR4w51qll5dxo1_500 Source: Tumblr

7. When you got to bring a message to another classroom


8. Going to pare a pencil at the top of the classroom

Wooden_pencil_sharpener Source: Wikimedia

9. When you got to finally sit on the benches during assemblies

You’ve finally made it. Enjoy the mats, junior infants!

sure-shot-gymnastics-gymnastic-wooden-balance-491-1153_medium Source: Sportsequipmentsupplies

10. Having these pencil cases

$_1 Source: Ebay

55446515 Source: Ymaservices

11. Getting a note in your journal was like getting ten years


CAsHIHJUkAADaTG Source: Twitter

12. No uniform day

You could be anything you wanted to be.


13. When you brought a toy into the yard

Pokemon cards, puppy in my pockets? In the PLAYGROUND? What are you, some kind of anarchist?

pokemon cards starter groups by mitsi1991-d3aesn5 Source: deviantART

14. Getting the strawberry milk at lunch instead of the boring plain one

Then winning one in the lotto when someone who paid for it was as láithar.

ohdfUlg Source: Imgur

15. Finally getting to do joiny up writing


You made it now.

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