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# Primary School
15 times you felt like an absolute badass in primary school
Rebel rebel.
# Bodies
UFC fighter Ronda Rousey had an excellent response to those who say she looks 'masculine'
You tell ‘em, Ronda.
# badass
This Mam decided to get an amazing haircut before going through chemo
We salute you.
# he will find you
5 of Liam Neeson's most kick-ass moments from the Taken 3 trailer
He’s still on that phone.
# Rock On
This guy's heavy metal DIY is seriously badass
He’s surely violating some safety rules.
# badass
Tourist with nerves of steel stops charging elephant in its tracks
Now you just pause right there.
89-year-old lady uses golf club to fight off sword-wielding burglar
What. A. Badass.
# flaming nora
Construction worker lights cigarette in the most incredibly badass way
Zippos are for girls.
# ice cold
7 brief moments in your life when you feel like a badass
OK, maybe not as badass as Clint Eastwood. But still.
# Still got it
Jean-Claude Van Damme performs 'the most epic of splits' in new ad
All to the soothing sound of Enya.
# Boom!
These are the tiny, everyday things that make you feel incredible
The small things that make you an UNDENIABLE bad-ass.
# badass
96-year-old woman defeats armed robber in her shop
She told him: “You can have all the Tootsie Rolls you want but I am not opening that cash register.”
# no scrubs zone
9 reasons TLC are the most badass girl band of all time
The two remaining members are reuniting for a gig.
# biker fail
This motorbike rider did NOT see that coming
Wait for it…