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21 little things that scared the bejaysus out of every Irish kid

And most of them still scare you now, come to think of it.

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1. Swallowing chewing gum and it staying in your gut for seven years

2. Crossing over cattle grids. Sure you’d slip down there and that’d be you trapped forever

3. Walking across a pub’s cellar door, because it’d definitely spring open and you’d plummet to your death

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4. The tunnel scene in Willy Wonka. There is no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going… *shudders*

5. The wind changing and you getting stuck like that

6. Turning off all the light downstairs at night. GET UP THE STAIRS DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU THERE’S A KILLER

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7. Banshees, because Sean’s uncle’s friend found a comb on the ground and died three days later!

8. The pink elephants scene from Dumbo

9. When the radiators rattled in the night. THE KILLER! HE’S HERE! MAAAAMMM

10. Seaweed touching your feet when you’re swimming in the sea

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11. Trying to get on a down escalator

12. The Man who was going to come and get you if you didn’t behave

13. The Lady who was watching you in the shop and would kick you out for being bold

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14. Hearing Body II Body by Samantha Mumba and knowing that horrific seatbelt ad was on AGAIN

15. The farm safety videos they showed you in primary school

16. The electrical safety ad with the football flying into the power lines

17. Basically all safety ads and videos

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18. The attic, and what might lurk in there

19. The porcelain dolls that people once thought were cool and fun gifts for little girls. You swear to this day that their eyes followed you

20. Bin trucks

21. ”Just you wait ’til your mother/father gets home.”

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