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7 things that would make life just a bit easier

Hold us.

1. Not having to talk in the hairdressers

Imagine if the cultural norm was not to talk while having your hair cut.

No more conversations about holidays or where you’re going tonight. Bliss.

hair Source: Shutterstock.com

2. If the ATM didn’t ask so many questions

What service do you want? Irish or English? We might charge you, is that alright? Do you want a receipt?

Jo-Kwon-Leave-me-Alone-buhuu Source: PhotoBucket

3. If it was easier to carry laundry

Drop a sock, bend down to pick it up, drop a pair of scunderpants, bend down to pick them up, drop another sock… repeat ad nauseum.


4. If you could ring the remote

Or, you know, you could just get one of these:

rem Source: FunnyJunk

5. If microwaves came with just three buttons

So much unnecessary buttonry. Let’s keep it simple.

chops Source: DerekSemmler/Flickr

Oh, and as for having to “stop and stir halfway through the cooking time” or “remove film after four minutes”… GIVE US A BREAK!

6. If people weren’t allowed to have private numbers

We could really live without the heartstopping fear that comes along with “UNKNOWN NUMBER”. Or even worse a MISSED CALL FROM AN UNKNOWN NUMBER!

4fda5447f3f58 Source: Daylol

7. If those self service checkouts in supermarkets could just identify EVERYTHING that’s in the bagging area

That would be great.

Olive-thumbs-up Source: Nocookie

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