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11 things that'll put the fear of God in anyone who works in retail

It truly was a very Black Friday for the retail workers out there.

BLACK FRIDAY, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, is now drawing to a close.

black friday 195 copy Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie

You may have grabbed some great bargains, but spare a thought for the retail workers driven out of their minds on this day of days. Here are 11 things that’ll put the fear of God in anyone who has worked in retail.

1. This.

9.51 Source: Cuny

2. This, when you’re the only one on the tills


3. When you finally fix your display up, then see a customer approaching

anigif_enhanced-3923-1411518913-2 Source: Buzzfeed


4. Having to quickly calculate the correct change

hiddleston-counting Source: Wordpress


5. Realising your till isn’t balanced

shutterstock_339147644 Source: Shutterstock/KurKestutis

Let’s go back and count those 20 cents again, shall we? *sweats a bit more*

6. The sight of a customer swooping down on you, seconds before your break begins

You will not take one minute of our lunch hour. Not one.

7. One word: “Standards”

I’ll ‘standards’ you in a second.

8. Discovering you’re on a closing shift one night, then an opening shift the next morning

tumblr_lmxrmlH6Qz1qc82j5o1_r1_500 Source: Tumblr

BRB, making a bed out of blankets from the Homeware section.

9. Seeing this on your day off

screen322x572 Source: Mzstatic

No way are you going in. They can’t make you go in!

10. Watching a customer come through the door at 6.59pm, and knowing what this means

krabbypatty Source: Tumblr

Another 15 minutes of standing when you could be sitting. In the car. On your way home.

11. And when a customer asks your name

giphy Source: Giphy

They’re either trying to be nice, or trying to get you fired. And you’ll have to wait to find out which one it is.

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