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10 of the absolute worst things you can put in your Tinder bio
Be warned.

1. Avoid cutesy, twee bios

p9H9TGi Imgur Imgur

“A Ph.D. in Snuggleology”?

We’re all adults here. No need to talk to me like a toddler.

2. And don’t give us your life story

B_52RKsWEAAekp0 littledogfriend / Tinder littledogfriend / Tinder / Tinder

We know writing about yourself in the third person can be a nightmare, but there is never any need to include 30 adjectives in your Tinder bio.

Literally all people want to know is that you’re sound and not a creep.

3. Don’t try too hard to impress the opposite sex with your profiler

download barstoolsports barstoolsports

See this lad who used a screenshot of his bank balance as his profiler? Don’t do that.

It’s obnoxious and someone will probably put it on the internet.

Remember: less is more.

4. There’s no need to go there immediately

tinddd KayliDawnn / Twitter KayliDawnn / Twitter / Twitter

Get a grip and cool it with the tongue emojis. Yes, you’re looking for the ride, but you don’t need to be so… explicit about it.

5. ‘Gas’ selfies are best avoided unless they are truly spectacular

UIjw8gG Imgur Imgur

You wouldn’t dress up as a clown on a regular night out, would you? Then why would you put a photo of yourself in an insane Halloween costume on Tinder? (Unless you’re dressed up as a spice bag or something, in which case, it’s completely permissible.)

If it’s a choice between a ‘gas’ photo and a photo of you looking nice on a night out, choose the latter.

6. Turn down the intensity levels

raving CoopsxD / Twitter CoopsxD / Twitter / Twitter

There’s a time and a place for espousing your “work hard, play hard” philosophy.

Tinder is not that place.

7. For the love of God, don’t let the phrase “fluent in sarcasm” anywhere near your Tinder bio

Perhaps one of the worst Tinder bio clichés. It’s (a) completely bland and (b) about as insightful as saying you like tea.

Just leave it out, mate.

8. Same goes for any references to “the lads” or “banter”

*swipes left*

9. Whatever you do, don’t use a photo of yourself on your WEDDING DAY on Tinder

wedding Alison Williams / Instagram Alison Williams / Instagram / Instagram

If you’re posting photos of yourself on your wedding day on Tinder, you’ve clearly been misled because that’s not what this site is about.

10. And please, don’t post semi-naked selfies

Remember when we talked about not being intense?

Yeah, that.

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