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12 really fast things that still fill us with rage

Waiting for a kettle to boil… for the ATM to spit out the cash… FOR THE BLOODY MICROWAVE!

WE LIVE IN a fast world, and it’s getting faster all the time.

Where once we had to stand up to change the channel on the telly, we now have the remote control.

Where we had meandering car journeys, we now have bypasses.  Where we had to go to the video shop, we have netflix and the like.  You get the idea.

The thing is, despite the fact that things are getting faster and more efficient all the time, we are not any less impatient.  If anything, we’re worse.

Here are 12 really fast things that we still get annoyed with for taking too long.

Waiting for a DVD to load

‘Oh come on!’

Flickr/blakespot/Creative Commons

Ticket machines

Especially if you’re running late and there’s a train there/the film is about to start:

Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

Waiting for things to print

Especially when you consider how long you used to have to wait.


Waiting for the kettle to boil


Flickr/g_kat26/Creative Commons

Waiting for a webpage to load

‘Stop spinning circle! I’ve been waiting for at least 15 seconds.’

We’ve come a long way though.


Waiting for a song to download

’12 seconds!!!  But I want to listen to it now!’

Waiting for your card transaction to be completed

‘Just approve it already!’

Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland

The microwave

‘EUGH.  I can’t believe it’s taking three whole minutes for my soup to heat.  GOD.’

Flickr/MoneyBlogNewz/Creative Commons

Waiting for your phone to turn on

Flickr/William Beutler/Creative Commons

Waiting for your Facebook notifications to load

Flickr/JoshBermudez/Creative Commons

Waiting for the doors on the luas/dart/train to open

‘I’ll just push it again…and again…OH COME ON!’

Flickr/loop_oh/Creative Commons

Waiting for your money and card from the ATM

‘I’ve pushed the buttons, and given you the details, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT MACHINE?!?’

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