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18 things you know if you've been travelling

The bottom bunk is always best, people.

THOUSANDS OF IRISH people head off every year to travel the world and have some new experiences.

Whether they’re going to Bangkok or La Paz, the fact is that they are going to learn some valuable lessons along the way.

Here are 18 things you know if you have been away travelling.

People are strange, even stranger than you might have originally thought

Lizard Man Source: Elitist Czar

Bracelets are a perfectly acceptable accessory, no matter what your gender

Day 3 + 4 PLARN_Friendship_Bracelets Source: WiseWellWoman

When you think you’ve packed too little, you’ve probably packed too much

Backpacker with Rosary Beads Source: veeandseven

You have had personal experience of why you should distrust hostel matresses and bedding but you no longer care

Bob's Youth Hostel Source: Andrew Zen

You can survive on eating almost nothing

Noodle or cake? Source: avlxyz

There’s a lot to be said for a continental hostel breakfast when you can make your sandwiches for lunch from it

amanda's breakfast Source: svacher

You can unpack and repack bags in record time (even if you’re hungover)

Backpackers Source: Siim Teller

You don’t fold, you roll

Pack your clothes efficiently Source: ✿Low✿

Hot running water is not a given

Cold Shower Source: Joe Shlabotnik

The bottom bunk is always better

Hostel room Source: Dvortygirl

Waiting for a towel to dry is one of life’s greatest pains

Wet and sandy towel Source: tercerojista

Being in a 16 bed dorm will not stop people from getting some action

Seen five European landmarks, seen ‘em all

Tallinn Old Town (Toompea) Source: rlanvin

Seen five temples, seen ‘em all

Temple in Chiang Mai (IMG_2800) Source: Passenger32A

Dry shampoo is your friend

dry shampoo Source: Batiste

A hostel without wifi/internet is not a hostel

Wi-Fi Source: kristinmarshall

The sheer and utter panic of being down to your last capsule of Imodium when you’re in the middle of nowhere


You can make friends anywhere

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