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13 elements of childhood you sadly can't enjoy as an adult

I’m tired…will you carry me?

THERE ARE LOTS of things about being a grown up which are fantastic.

Going to bed when you want, no one forcing you to eat your vegetables, having your own money…these are all great things.

There are lots of downsides though.  Some things you can do as a kid you just can’t get away with as an adult.

Here are thirteen elements of childhood, you can’t enjoy as an adult.

1.  Being swung around in a circle


2.  Being carried when you’re tired

Tired of traipsing around the shops all day?  As a kid, someone will carry you.  Not so as an adult.

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3.  Playgrounds

You could go on them as an adult, but you’d feel like a bit of a creep, wouldn’t you?


4.  Party bags

No little bags of sweets and crisps at the end of adult parties.

Oh no.  All we get is a hangover and a feeling of inexplicable shame.


5.  Swinging

Pumping your legs really hard, getting a fright when you get really high and the chain goes slack, and then jumping off as far as you can.

Your arse barely fits in a swing these days.

6.  Someone else picking out your clothes

Imagine not having to ever worry about what you looked like?  You essentially had a full time stylist.

Even if it was your dad, and this was the outfit he chose after a day’s shopping.


7.  Falling asleep wherever/whenever you want…

…and magically waking up in bed.

8.  Twenty quid making you feel rich

You were barely able to dream up what you would spend it on.


9.  Making new friends in 3.5 seconds



10.  Summer holidays

Screw you, teachers.


11.  Dinner was always sorted

No big debate.  No wandering around the supermarket.  It just appeared.

12.  Body confidence

It was all so simple then…

13.  Being able to wear a costume whenever you want…

…and no one batting an eyelid.


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