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7 sure signs that you are, in fact, your own worst enemy

But don’t worry – DailyEdge.ie is here for you.

DID YOU THINK it was that guy in the office who always steals your lunch?

Or the girl in the coffee place you’re convinced always short-changes you?

Well, no – neither of those people are your worst enemy. We here at DailyEdge.ie have got news for you: YOU are your own worst enemy. That’s right. YOU there.

Don’t believe us? Well, see how many of these boxes you tick and find out.

1. The work/holiday conundrum

You ruin your holidays from work for yourself by obsessively counting how much time off left you have. “Oh, it’s Wednesday? That means I’ve already been off for longer than I have left. God, I’m practically back at my desk.”

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2. Pre-emptive missing of chips

Ever ruined a takeaway for yourself while eating it by thinking mournfully about how it’ll soon be finished? Yep.

Source: Flickr/dangermain

3. Birthday fun pressure

Your birthday is fast approaching and the pressure to do something good for it is mounting. You end up psyching yourself out so much that you have zero fun on the day. Too much pressure.

You'll never have as much fun as this little fella, anyway. Source: Imgur

4. Bargaining tools

Your brain tells you that if you just do one more hour of work, you can have three chocolate digestives. Then you go and spoil everything by not doing any work, but still having the three biscuits. Damnit, it’s impossible to bargain with yourself.

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5. Alarm woes

Ten more minutes in bed? For that sweet bounty, I’ll forego breakfast. Five more minutes? Oh God yes, I didn’t want to shower today anyway.

Source: anandtech


Also known as the Fear Of Missing Out. In your heart and your soul, you know you need a night off the tiles. But your brain keeps wondering, “Is this the best night out my friends have ever had? AM I MISSING THE STUFF OF LEGENDS?”

Source: Garfield Minus Garfield

7. Hangover worrying

And then when you DO go out and paint the town red, you spend half the evening worrying about the hangover you’ve got in the post – so much so, you can’t relax and enjoy yourself. The pits.

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So. Now you know. Are you your own worst enemy?

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