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20 things you won't believe are 20 years old

Prepare to feel old, like you are.

THE LION KING turned 20 yesterday. Yes, we can’t believe it either.

But that’s not the least of it, a lot of things turn 20 this year that we just refuse to believe. When did you turn 20? Probably ages ago, because you’re so old.

1. Forrest Gump

Forrest_Gump_poster Source: Wikimedia

2. Pulp Fiction

Pulp_Fiction_cover Source: Wikimedia

3. The Shawshank Redemption

ShawshankRedemptionMoviePoster Source: Wikimedia

4. Oasis’ debut

Oasis-Definitely-Maybe-Delantera Source: Fotos

5. The original Playstation

800px-PSX-Console-wController Source: Museumofgames

6. Saturday Night

Dee, dee, na, na, na.

Source: iXpyre/YouTube

7. Friends

What was life even like before Friends? You remember, oldie.

9305_bc73 Source: Soup

8. Donkey Kong Country

Dkc_snes_boxart Source: Wikimedia

9. Green Day’s Dookie


10. The real life Jungle Book

bear-necessities-o Source: Gifsoup

11. Riverdance


12. My So-Called Life

mysocalledlife Source: Startledthewitch

13. The O.J Simpson trial


14. Yahoo!

Here it is, baby Yahoo.

alışık-olduğunuz-sitelerin-ilk-halleri_267891 Source: Uludagsozluk

15. Amazon

They only sold books back then.

amazon1994 Source: Antyweb

16. This bank note

IE75 Source: Banknotes

17. Power Ranger toys

Automorphin-Pink-Ranger-EU Source: Tons-of-toys

Karate-Action-Red-Ranger Source: Tons-of-toys

18. Zombie, zom-BAY BAY BAY

Source: TheCranberriesVEVO/YouTube

19. K’Nex


20. Saoirse Ronan


'The Host' Premiere - Los Angeles Source: © Chase Rollins/AFF-USA.COM

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