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18 things you'll get if you grew up in Ballina


1. First of all, it’s The Na

2. If you lived down the Quay you were considered posh and that was that

thequay Source: Google Maps

3. This lane was where the magic happened

shiftlane Source: Google Maps

Where the boys from Muredach’s would head after school to wait for the Convent girls.

4. Getting chips and a chocolate sprinkled ice from Cafollas was the ultimate Saturday treat

cafollas Source: Google Maps

5. Unless you were firmly in The Junction camp

thejunction Source: Google Maps

6. And Supermacs was reserved ONLY for after nights out

supermacs Source: Google Maps

Very few people have been seen in there in daylight.

7. The Salmon Festival was the highlight of everyone’s summer

An excuse to be hanging around down the town! Finally.

8. And the fireworks on Mardi Gras night were legendary

Fireworks :D

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9. Spotting Jack Charlton on the street was never not exciting


He had a house in Ballina, don’t you know. Fond of the fishing is Jack.

10. And the opening of a Penneys was a seminal moment for Ballina

penneys Source: Google Maps

And such a NICE Penneys too. With escalators!

11. Putting on your finery for the Bonniconlon disco, held in a quasi-barn

11008049_983722858319610_2038011796491473525_n Source: Facebook/Bonniconlon Agricultural Show

12. Then eventually trying your luck in Longnecks

534841_420691281283145_1992281288_n Source: Facebook/Rush Nightclub

13. The town was divided into two parts: Stephenites supporters and Ardnaree* supporters


*Pronounce it ‘Aaarn-ree’ for a more authentic Ballina experience.

14. Having to drive to Castlebar to go to the cinema, a local annoyance that went on for far too long

mayomovie Source: Google Maps


15. ‘Jaws’ is a perfectly reasonable insult

“Would ya go way from around me, BIG JAWS.”

16. And “Aaahhh nicks” can mean just about anything at all

Annoyance, surprise, mocking…

17. Getting charmed by Joseph the Ice Cream Man

1901533_627272050643463_1173270757_n Source: Facebook/Brian Martin

18. And ‘bush lushing’ as a standard Saturday night activity

canal Source: Google Maps

You going down the canal? Or perhaps the ABC Park?

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