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17 things you'll only understand if you're a woman who loves her wine

Bottoms up, ladies.

1. First things first, you would risk your life to save your wine


- you, to your glass of Pinot Grigio

wine Source: musicnews_facts/Tumblr

2. On occasions where you haven’t had a corkscrew, you’ve rather sadly watched tutorials like this

wine Source: 2012 U & I/YouTube

3. Because nothing keeps you from your wine

“I’m sure it’s grand to drink wine with a knife in it, isn’t it?”

IwZKJ2Y Source: Imgur

4. You’ve been known to go up to the bar at a festival and order these in bulk

A1IlGOyCAAEMvBQ Source: Gina Harris/Twitter

Three baby bottles of wine, please. They’re not all for me. I swear.

No warm plastic cups of beer for you.

5. You’ve been known to enjoy a good wine lunch

“It’s not like drinking pints. This is civilised.”

*gets half cut on wine before 3pm*

6. And you have accidentally gotten pissed alone while drinking wine and watching Graham Norton

You, watching the telly:

BzT4S0uCIAAWPlQ Source: Twitter

7. You have one friend who you consider to be your wine companion

The type of friend who will always reply in the affirmative when you text, “Wine?”

Ch5N1gGUoAAofw8 Source: Alexandra Robles/Twitter

8. One glass of wine and you get very confident in your dancing/athletic abilities


Ih66c Source: Imgur


9. You love wine so much that you have cute little nicknames for your faves


10. Can in the shower? That’s scaldy.

Wine in the shower? 100% acceptable.

Ch54Bw9VEAAD3DB Source: Elizabeth/Twitter

11. Nothing gets your goat more than a stingy glass of wine in a restaurant


CAbSMJZVEAAH7Hw Source: jazzrozz/Twitter

12. In fact, you’re renowned for being a generous wine-pourer

Fill her up to the brim, you say.

B9yAAvKCcAEir4w Source: jup/Twitter

13. You are opposed to all forms of banter… except wine banter

Wine memes all day long, baby.


14. You have seriously considered buying this

Cj0ChnyUYAIubgL Source: On_Da_Ball/Twitter

15. This is a genuine concern

16. And you have sometimes wished this was the case…

17. This about sums everything up

giphy (16) Source: Giphy

Bottoms up.

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