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15 things you'll know if you've lived with a bunch of gals

Knickers on the rads, fatman pants, Sex and the City boxsets.

1. You will construct some sort of cleaning rota in the first month…


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Look at us! We’re so cute and organised!

2. …Only for it to fall by the wayside two days later

This is where we keep our shoes! #livingwithgirls #lamboed

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No actually, we’re pigs. Oops.

3. You’ll take notions to get things like table cloths and scented candles

#candlelight #candles #lanterns #cosy #livingwithgirls @sophiatziros

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Which ultimately are appreciated for all of ten minutes before being forgotten about.

4. There are always knickers left drying on the radiator

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Or handwashed bras drip-drying in the shower.

5. The shower is a mass of products…

It is nice to live with girls #shower

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Sneak a bit of fancy shampoo here, some luxe body wash there…

6. And there is hair EVERYWHERE

But WHY?! #livingwithgirls

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You’re forever pulling someone else’s hair off your clothes. There’s no escape.

7. Someone’s boyfriend will half move in, and the rest of you have secret discussions on what to do about it

OMG-why-are-you-still-here-GIF Source: Gifsec

“He’s always here!” “He doesn’t pay rent!” “He leaves his smelly shoes in the hallway and hoards mugs!”

8. You will have at least one TV show that you religiously watch as a house

#birthdayeve #livingwild #SATCboxset #bluemountains #coorslight #dammecold

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You regularly thank god for the gal who owns the complete Sex and the City boxset.

9. You think you’ll get ready for nights out together, but you end up roaring at each other from your separate bedrooms

Liam's having a nightmare 😂😂 my little beauty corner haha ♥️ #livingwithgirls #beauty #faves

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10. But you’ll all make sure to line up for pictures like this in the kitchen

Photoshoots before going. #LivingWithGirls

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“You look STUNNING HUN.”

11. And have good fun trying to mortify whichever poor lad someone brings back home with them

michael-fassbender-crisps Source: Wordpress

Can he hack the housemate craic? Let’s see.

12. You have no fear about looking disgusting the morning after, either

All of you, in fatman pants, trooping down to the local Spar for rolls. Like a tiny, highly nonthreatening gang.

13. You turn up to work/college wrecked a lot, and that’s because you stayed up all night chatting in bed

fr Source: hexjam

14. Tensions occasionally run high

Dear Pear, Dear Mom, All better:) #livingwithgirls #stompingatbedtime

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But it’s nothing that hugs and chocolate and sobbing “No YOU’RE amazing” can’t fix.

15. And you’re delighted every day to be living with your best pals


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THE GALS. *tears up*

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