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8 bedroom interruptions you'll know all too well

Those moments when getting it on just goes all wrong.

THE BEST LAID plans of mice and men often go awry – or at least that’s what they say.

A potentially amorous evening can be going perfectly to plan, with candles and soft jazz setting the all-important mood just right, then all of a sudden: BAM, the mood is up in smoke. One wrong move and the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

Alright, alright, more often than not we manage to get things going to plan – but sometimes, at the crucial moment, things go terribly belly-up.

Here are the worst “interruptus” moments we’ve definitely all experienced…

1. The dog running into the bedroom

You know the dog didn’t MEAN it, but you can’t help kind of holding it against him.

Source: mybs.com

2. Accidentally watching a really grim film on a date

You stuck on The Shining on DVD, thinking a scary film would be perfect to get you both snuggling close together for comfort. But you absolutely forgot about the bit with Jack Nicholson and the woman in the bath. Mood status: dead as a bloody dodo.

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3. Your parents dropping around unannounced

“Hellooo!” And suddenly you regret giving your mother that spare key.

Source: LinkRandom

4. Bad breath

Yep. That’s a mood-killer alright. No two ways about it.

Source: Imgflip

5. Someone’s phone going off

A phone ringing or bleeping is one thing – but it’s quite another when the the other person actually reaches over and checks it. Harsh.

Source: Dumpaday

6. Someone accidentally taking a tumble off the bed

Hey, we weren’t all born graceful.

7. Unexpected snoozing

It’s all systems go. It’s definitely going to happen. You pop out of the room for a moment to freshen up and when you return… They’re asleep.

And to add insult to injury, they’re actually SNORING.

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8. A high heel to the unmentionables

Nothing will kill the mood faster than an embarrassing shoe-related mishap. As we all know, it doesn’t always happen. But if it does – Johnny’s got you covered.

Source: Think Contraception

Are you familiar with these bedroom buzzkills? Let us know your most cringe-inducing experiences in the comments – come on, we’ve all got them!

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