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These special period knickers mean you'll never need a tampon again

Could this be the answer to so many women’s prayers?

TAMPONS CAN BE finicky. Pads can feel like you’re wearing a nappy. Is there any sanitary product out there that actually wants to work with women? There is now.

THINX, a new range of period-proof underwear, is the brainchild of businesswomen Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal.

thinx Source: YouTube

Miki Agrawal came up with the idea after blood leaked on her white skirt during a meeting, and she had to run home and change.

She says:

I thought to myself, why they don’t make underwear that is leak and stain resistant? And wouldn’t it be great if they did ?

Source: She THINX/YouTube

The THINX underwear comes in three styles, each with its own level of absorbency and protection – for example the hip huggers, designed for your heavy days, can hold up to two tampons worth of blood.


thinxundies Source: shethinx.com

Currently, the range is designed to be used alongside sanitary pads and tampons, but Agrawal’s vision is for them to replace feminine hygiene products completely.

Er, sign us up.

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