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17 tweets and memes that basically explain last night's debate

All the bad hombres and nasty women, throw your hands up at me!

Campaign 2016 Debate Source: Mark Ralston/PA Wire

LAST NIGHT, THE third and final US presidential debate took place between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It may not have been quite as unpleasant as the last one, but there was still MUCH to take in.

1. First up, Hillary Clinton rolled up in a very sci-fi looking suit

2. Trump casually crushed Putin’s heart


*cue All By Myself*

3. And railed against what he called the ‘bad hombres’


You mean these lads?

tumblr_nnw42oUnQX1qjj2qyo1_500 Source: Tumblr

5. No one could get over his ‘nasty woman’ comment

Gollum-Smeagol-smeagol-gollum-14076899-960-403 Source: Fanpop

6. But women decided to claim it for their own


8. Besides, it  just made everyone think of Janet Jackson

janetjackson Source: Twitter/@MarciKWalton



9. Eventually people just started turning his debate phrases into band names

10. And tried to decode what he meant by ‘bigly’

Apparently, it’s ‘big league’. Hmm.

11. They called his eloquence into question

12. Even JK Rowling was stumped by his choice of words

 13. Everyone was briefly fascinated with this gentleman spotted in the crowd

Who is this man? What has he seen?

14. Hillary couldn’t help but drop a casual burn

“I was sitting in my beautiful apartment in a beautiful hotel…”

15. As the debate wore on, it sounded more and more like a playground argument

16. People turned to Snapchat for comfort

17. And everyone was just very glad that it was over

Call us a taxi. We’re going home.

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