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This girl is living alone for the first time coming up to Christmas so she sent out this card

Well played.

THE FIRST CHRISTMAS you’re living alone is going to be a little different – and you have to embrace the lack of roommates.

Reddit user malsies found herself in this exact situation this year, so she created a special Christmas card to send out to her friends and family:

christmascard3 Source: Imgur

A standard family portrait… of four versions of her and one of her cat. She explained the idea behind making them:

When someone does take the time to mail you something, it makes you feel really good and special, you know? And it’s easy to grab a box of generic cards from the drugstore, but some of us like to do something a little more personal. Some of us also like to make our friends laugh. Being broke at the holidays, laughter is often the best gift some of us can afford to give.

The world is celebrating her dorky glory:

Friends and coworkers really enjoyed this card that I made and suggested I show it to a wider audience of people. So here I am in all my alone and dorky glory.

That moustache is A1 too.


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