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19 thoughts every girl has while shopping in Penneys

Every emotion it’s possible to feel, you’re feeling it.

1. Will I have a look in Penneys? I will. Sure it’s on my way home.

Penneys Shops Source: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland

2. I forgot that any Penneys in Ireland at any time after 10am is HELL ON EARTH.

Primark store opens in Bristol Source: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire

3. Everyone else here needs to keep far away from me. Far, far away.

tumblr_lvavkdCV7b1qbifwuo1_500 Source: Tumblr

4. Culottes are in this summer, apparently. Can I pull off tropical-print culottes? Definitely.

2815-0696.NVYWHT.a.superZoom Source: C21stores

5. Best get my normal size and another two pairs in the next size up AND the next size down, just in case.

penneyssize Source: Adverts.ie

6. Is this the kids’ section? Oh, no. These are Disney Princess and Minions t shirts for adult women. Excuse my ignorance.

7. This emoji one is SO CUTE THOUGH! Should I buy two? For when the first one inevitably goes grey in the wash, of course.

Say it with an emoji! Source: primark

8. Why are all the knickers with nothing written on the arse out of stock in my size?

BjRaG9fCMAA8L35 Source: DailyEdge.ie

9. Oh god, I’ve really made a dog’s dinner out of the display. The lady is gawking at me. *half-heartedly tidies up some smalls*

giphy Source: Giphy

10. Now to pick up the essentials: 60 denier tights, hair bobbins, 3 x pairs of pyjamas.

Shhh it's Sunday, there's no need to get up! #Disney PJ set £8/€10 #Primark #weekend #womenswear Source: primark

11. To the fitting rooms!

3_PrimarkNEWCAST_FittingRooms-640x325 Source: Havelockeuropa

12. Actually, y’know what? Never mind.

primark-oxford-street-changing-room Source: annasthoughtbubbles.com

13. I don’t need about half of these things, really. If I’m being totally honest with myself.

*furtively hangs five items on the nearest rail*

giphy Source: Giphy

14. Right. No more browsing. No more. Get in the queue, before you do even more damage.

giphy Source: Giphy

15. *calmly selects lip balm, cotton pads and a lint roller from the till shelves and places them in basket*

6483007849_a1f5ac9d0e_z Source: Flickr/adamwilson

16. This is not a ’5.30pm on Tuesday’ queue. This is a ‘Saturday at 2pm’ queue.

Flagship Primark store opens Source: PA WIRE

17. Total: €48.50. How?!

Oh-come-on-GIF_1 Source: Gifsec

19. It’s finished. It’s done.

penneysfeels Source: Flickr/miguev-maps

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