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The 'three-boobed woman' has been revealed as a fake

TMZ claim her baggage was stolen from a Florida airport, and it contained something very interesting…

FOR THE PAST few days the internet has been fascinated by Jasmine Tridevil, the woman who claimed to have paid $20,000 to get a third breast surgically implanted on her body.

She said she “didn’t want to date any more” and reckoned a third breast would make her less attractive to men. Or something.

Here she is in all her ‘three-boobed’ glory:

Source: Jasmine Tridevil/YouTube

Yesterday many new details emerged that seemed to indicate Tridevil had cooked up a big old hoax – the website Snopes discovered that “Tridevil” is actually masseuse Alisha Hessler.

Now, TMZ claim to have obtained a document from the police department of Tampa Airport, which says that luggage belonging to Hessler was stolen from baggage claim.

jasminetri Source: Facebook

The police caught the thieves, and according to TMZ “inventoried” the contents of Hessler’s bag.

What was in there? A prosthetic breast, which she informed police was valued at $5000. So that third breast is most likely made entirely of rubber.

In response to the fresh claims, Tridevil posted this on her Facebook page:


We will see, ‘Jasmine’. We will see.

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