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Women of Ireland, rejoice: Tights weather is finally upon us

Fear the deniers no more!

YOU MAY HAVE noticed that Ireland has been having quite a toasty September, with sticky nights, back sweat, and wardrobe confusion all around.

What to wear? Why so much sweat? When can we get into our tights again?

Well, if you’ve noted a dip in temperature and lack of humidity over the past few days, you’re probably thinking the same thing we are: Tights weather. It’s here. And not a moment too soon!

Oh tights, we’ve missed you

#charging #layover #chicago #heels #tightsweather

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The extra month of shaving and exfoliating was extremely rude of you, Mother Nature, and we want to move on.

The way you make us feel less morto about our dresses blowing up in the wind

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Blow up all you like now, skirt! I’m wearing 80 deniers!

The way you hide our hammy legs

Super happy to report that this happened today. #tightsweather #umbrellascarf

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So mottled. So ham-like. So clearly concealed from view for 90% of the year. Get inside these nylon wonders, you rotters.

The way you remind us of boots, scarves, and lovely coats

#tightsweather 🙏🏻👌🏻

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All the best things about autumn. Give us back the airy elegance we so dearly crave!

And, most of all, we missed the way you cut out a sizeable amount of effort on our part

mVb5MAz Source: Imgur

No tan, no toenails or feet to attend to, no worrying that you missed a patch of hair on the back of your leg.

Yes. We are ready.

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