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9 times Christmas food completely lost the run of itself


SOMETHING WEIRD happens once the Christmas season approaches. It’s as if every supermarket boss walks up to an item in the store and says “See this thing? PUT CHRISTMAS DINNER IN IT. NOW.”

Nobody asked for any of these things, but we got them.

When Tesco created a chocolate and cherry-flavoured ‘festive sandwich’

When M&S put glitter in fruit juice and called it a day

20131125_131555 Source: BlogSpot

When Pot Noodle made us feel even worse about our life choices

christmasnoodle Source: Snackspot

When Pringles decided white chocolate and peppermint was a good crisp flavour

White-Chocolate-Peppermint-Pringles Source: Grubgrade

And when someone said “Y’know what would be great? Mince pie crisps!”

tesco-mince-pie-crisps Source: Ipcdigital

When shops thought they’d go ahead and put Prosecco on everything

proseccocrisps Source: DailyEdge.ie

When Jones Soda brought out a Brussels sprout flavour

jonessoda Source: bypureimagination

And a popcorn company made popcorn with a ‘sprout glaze’

CTDCRBlWcAAyih3 Source: DailyEdge.ie

(We tasted it, and… Yes. It tastes like farts.)

When turkey and stuffing donuts became a thing

*shudders and voms*

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