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19 photos that will give dog-lovers all the feels

No YOUR eyes are leaking.

DON’T SAY WE didn’t warn you, there will be feelings.

1. This dog owner’s sweet tribute to their late best friend

doFUKo7 Source: Imgur

2. This dog enjoying a day out at Dinoland

bN6UyxI Source: Imgur

3. The letter this vet sent to a mourning owner

8AydzkW Source: Imgur

4. This best friends’ first hello and last goodbye

6ecac17e47eab2bb0b7a798056854534 Source: Photobucket

5. This little chap, helping his disabled owner get dressed

5J6NwdD Source: Imgur

6. The dentist who has his dog comfort patients

tskCn Source: Imgur

7. Helping his little sister learn how to crawl

Youyun+Y+How+to+Crawl+Gif Source: Googleusercontent

8. This mean-to-be adoption

riIKuob Source: Imgur

9. The girl who hates to see you go

n9pNQcL Source: Imgur

10. This little doggie who gets SO excited to see her owner pick her up at daycare

xL9KkGe Source: Imgur

11. Goodbyes are the hardest

FQnocue Source: Imgur

12. But a visit during ill health can mean everything

ITAhGnA Source: Imgur

13. This little chap, mourning his late human

200 Source: Giphy

14. And the proud therapy dog that was given a honorary degree for attending all his owner’s classes with them

DudahD9 Source: Imgur

15. The doggy birthday party that put the biggest smile on their face

dKqnree Source: Imgur

16. And the last trip to the vet for this police dog

ew6accb Source: Imgur

17. Doggies go with you everywhere

Zekgrbd Source: Imgur

18. As long as you take them there

This retired man built a train to take rescue dogs on adventures.

adogs Source: Thejournal

19. One thing’s for sure, they’ll never forget you <3

barsotti-dog-heaven Source: Wordpress

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