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sexy time

10 times the internet perfectly summed up your sex life

All too accurate.

THEY KNOW YOU better than you know yourself.

1. These accurate instructions

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2. Pizza is bae


3. The toilet graffiti that summed up your journey

85MJAgq Imgur Imgur

4. This harsh beverage that hits too close to home

tumblr_nm71bv3RbY1thr7e4o1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

5. This church sign

ayeah Imgur Imgur

6. This sassy nan

7. The even that could well just be an insight into your sex life

a7srZ7a Imgur Imgur

8. Now that you mention it, it’s a LOT like Cleary’s

9. Even Twitter can sum it up

10. And as for those with kids…

Cbw6YPj Imgur Imgur

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