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12 times the internet was no help at all

Thanks a lot, internet.

1. “Please Photoshop away this kid,” they said.

jSMXcyr Source: Imgur

“Okay,” they said.

4WE6JZN Source: Imgur

Kj58l02 Source: Imgur

2. “Design our nation’s flag!” said New Zealand.


“LOL, YOU GOT IT.” – the internet

102682735-3127-flag.530x298 Source: James Gray/govt.nz

102682633-3301-flag.530x298 Source: Jesse Gibbs/govt.nz

3. When Gary Lineker asked for tips on what horse to bet on…

garyl Source: Gary Lineker/Twitter

And got these smart arse replies.

4. “Can someone Photoshop the Eiffel Tower under my finger?”

request Source: Peta Pixel

Sure, we can.

d16ndkd Source: Imgur

tmWdun3 Source: Imgur

5. Don’t ask Yahoo! Answers for help unless you want a sarcastic reply, tbh.

dVSk3PW Source: Imgur

6. Could you take out the red eye?

3Bvsqql Source: Imgur

No problem.

AsfylKm Source: Imgur

6BhcdjF Source: Imgur

See? No red eye.

7. How do I resolve my sibling rivalry?

Zxggj5n Source: Imgur

She will eventually go live in a cave out of shame.

Sound, nice one.

8. Ask a stupid question, get a silly answer

H3BHE Source: Imgur

9. They just wanted to know how big the specific ocean was…

rDMGCRv Source: Imgur

Can you be more Pacific?

10.”I would like my broken tooth fixed on the bottom right…”

photoshop Source: Imgur

“Let me know what you think!”

hereyougho Source: Imgur

“It’s nice except for that girl in the background…”


“What the hell!”

hell Source: Imgur

And so on… 

11. “Hello! This is a picture of a girlfriend and myself. I was wondering if anyone could photoshop the background so that we are looking at something such as the beach instead of yellow grass.”

hs1dU9r Source: Imgur

Your wish is the internet’s command, gals.

llRaSIY Source: Imgur

12. And finally…

LPAxXQj Source: Imgur

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