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thanks a bunch

12 times the internet was no help at all

Thanks a lot, internet.

1. “Please Photoshop away this kid,” they said.

jSMXcyr Imgur Imgur

“Okay,” they said.

4WE6JZN Imgur Imgur

Kj58l02 Imgur Imgur

2. “Design our nation’s flag!” said New Zealand.


“LOL, YOU GOT IT.” – the internet

102682735-3127-flag.530x298 James Gray / James Gray / /

102682633-3301-flag.530x298 Jesse Gibbs / Jesse Gibbs / /

3. When Gary Lineker asked for tips on what horse to bet on…

garyl Gary Lineker / Twitter Gary Lineker / Twitter / Twitter

And got these smart arse replies.

4. “Can someone Photoshop the Eiffel Tower under my finger?”

request Peta Pixel Peta Pixel

Sure, we can.

d16ndkd Imgur Imgur

tmWdun3 Imgur Imgur

5. Don’t ask Yahoo! Answers for help unless you want a sarcastic reply, tbh.

dVSk3PW Imgur Imgur

6. Could you take out the red eye?

3Bvsqql Imgur Imgur

No problem.

AsfylKm Imgur Imgur

6BhcdjF Imgur Imgur

See? No red eye.

7. How do I resolve my sibling rivalry?

Zxggj5n Imgur Imgur

She will eventually go live in a cave out of shame.

Sound, nice one.

8. Ask a stupid question, get a silly answer

H3BHE Imgur Imgur

9. They just wanted to know how big the specific ocean was…

rDMGCRv Imgur Imgur

Can you be more Pacific?

10.”I would like my broken tooth fixed on the bottom right…”

photoshop Imgur Imgur

“Let me know what you think!”

hereyougho Imgur Imgur

“It’s nice except for that girl in the background…”


“What the hell!”

hell Imgur Imgur

And so on… 

11. “Hello! This is a picture of a girlfriend and myself. I was wondering if anyone could photoshop the background so that we are looking at something such as the beach instead of yellow grass.”

hs1dU9r Imgur Imgur

Your wish is the internet’s command, gals.

llRaSIY Imgur Imgur

12. And finally…

LPAxXQj Imgur Imgur

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