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17 times kids absolutely nailed their homework

Good work, kids. Gold star.

GIVE A GOLD star to these kids.

1. Like this pragmatic kid who knows that you probably shouldn’t bother building a house there

K01VVia Source: Imgur

2. Or this kid who just gets it.

egg Source: Imgur

3. This kid who knows you should never “hit” a dog


dog Source: Imgur

4. And this kid who has their strategy for being stranded on a dessert island all figured out

j3Hrvtm Source: Imgur

5. Give this kid a Nobel Prize

V9mmwJN Source: Imgur

6. Hey, at least the kid is honest

zi2w1wL Source: Imgur

7. “You do this before you get up in the morning: Suffer”

Full marks for this kid.

getup Source: karrnicole/Twitter

8. This kid employing the “It is, because I said so” approach

9. This kid doesn’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings

10. “It’s an opinion!” We like to imagine that a six-year-old Larry David wrote this

XViIv88 Source: Imgur

11. Can’t argue with that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

XXKOk Source: Imgur

12. I’ll tell you what’s a humdinger — this kid’s homework

“It humms. It dings.”

CHGvYcGW0AM-721 Source: Rudy Reber/Twitter

13. Happy Father’s Day!

“One day he will… die”

“I will always… come to his grave”

Heartwarming stuff.

gDK6R Source: Imgur

14. This kid’s take on homophones is A+

tqOsnVR Source: Imgur

15. Amazing how Lola just gets into the mind of the cat

CUKlkktUAAAbMZh Source: WeRWorld/Twitter

We think she’s got a future in literature.

16. “So there.”

4sdM2 Source: Imgur

17. Finally, we’d like to give a special shout out to Jackie for this noble effort.

We salute you, Jackie.

taI5epA Source: Imgur


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