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11 times Penneys truly outdid themselves

It’s a place of joy.

THE STATES ARE finally getting their first Primark. Lucky them.

Penneys is a national treasure, as demonstrated by these exquisite artifacts.

1. When they showed absolutely no disregard for seasons

They start selling Christmas jumpers in September…

f3f3e530b3bc4fabe514ac442286051c Source: Thejournal

and Halloween stuff… now.

2. Grammar and spelling is not a problem

BZWTzSWIcAA2zxJ Source: nadia_dailyself

A3jqpfs Source: Imgur

3. Their celebrity merch just can’t be beaten

Want Ryan Gosling on your pants? NO PROBLEMS!

ryan-12-372x500 Source: Valerie Loftus

Harry Styles? NO PROBLEMS.

harry-26 Source: Valerie Loftus

4. In fact, you can cover almost any body part in One Direction, thanks to Penneys

Bk4QFLPIMAAtc1i Source: wwaUpdatesEire

5. The sold a t-shirt of a literal Snoop Dogg

Never forget.

6. Bum enhancers hit the shelves for a dark period in history

Rz8ED0n Source: Imgur

7. They were responsible for those Borat mankinis that every lads holiday features

Penneys = banter merchants.

BUsZajfCQAEDoyd Source: OSullivanRichie

8. Often they come out with something useful

Like these shoe socks that blew minds.

invisible-4-500x500 Source: Penneys

9. They’re always first with the latest hair care trends

That nobody asked for… ie placenta masks.

photo-183-e1391072267474-388x500 Source: Fiona Hyde

10. Their emoji game is always on point


So ~down with the kids~

11. Not forgetting that rock credibility

BA1BHHBCAAAAh7A Source: Therese Smyth


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