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14 times people were really kind to each other

There are some good eggs out there.

SOMETIMES IT CAN seem like the world is full of darkness.

But there are some good eggs out there if you look hard enough.

Here are some times people were really good to each other.


1. The time this little girl’s parents made a plea for pizzas… and Reddit came through

dlIHFcw Source: Reddit

A pizza party for everyone!

2. The time security guards in Trinity College were super sound and rescued this guy’s bike


3. The time this supermarket employee helped a customer tie his shoes

act-of-kindnessn-375x500 (1) Source: Keith Kiel/Facebook

4. When this man forked over $140 to a woman selling flowers on the Subway

insta Source: Maria Lopez/YouTube

And made her day.

insta Source: Maria Lopez/YouTube

5. The time a random customer funded a waitress’ tip to Italy just because

5eIMD8x Source: Imgur

6. The time a bus passenger informed a cyclist that his keys fell out of his pocket 800m up the road.

bus-31 Source: YouTube

800 Source: YouTube

He witnessed the whole thing from the bus window! Lifesaver.

7. When Des Bishop offered people lifts to the polling station, so they could vote in the marriage referendum

And followed through on his promise!

8. The time Santa found this guy’s wallet and posted it back to him

9. The time train passengers used people power to free a man trapped between the platform and the train

insta Source: ABC News/YouTube

10. The time an Irish Rail passenger commended a young man for speaking to elderly passengers on the train

And he responded in the most humble way possible.

CKHnd68WgAAur-W Source: Irish Rail/Twitter

CKHnd6fWoAEldp8 Source: Irish Rail/Twitter

11. The time this family issued the best birth announcement ever and let their son know he was loved

12. The time Brian O’Driscoll made this little girl’s life

Fennell-BOD-Temple-11 Source: Leinster Rugby

13. The time a New York City police officer bought a homeless man a pair of winter boots

396591_388162557927199_467455045_n Source: NYPD/Facebook

14. The time a woman offered to buy her mother a Nutribullet as part of her cancer treatment… and a stranger from Gumtree bought her one and refused to accept any money in return.

11779934_974732875910132_2714543892801369947_o-281x500 Source: Cara Grace Duggan/Facebook

11834706_974732889243464_569814799092499294_o-281x500 Source: Cara Grace Duggan/Facebook

11705815_974732925910127_1649947049992267648_o-281x500 Source: Cara Grace Duggan/Facebook

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