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# deep
11 times things just got waaay too deep
We don’t know what to think any-more.

YESTERDAY WE WERE taken aback by how deep Macaulay Culkin went with his whole t-shirt game.


He wore a photo of Ryan Gosling wearing a photo of himself, and we were all

EMrknJP Imgur Imgur

Then some genius photoshopped this and it all got too much.


It’s time we went deeper. Like these historical moments in time.

1. When someone did a skittlebomb by dropping a skittlebomb

Jagerbomb? Skittlebombs? I give you the Inception Bomb!!!! - Imgur Imgur Imgur

2. A photobomber took the photo of them photobombing during the photobomb

SYcDwxT Imgur Imgur

3. Someone drew a scene in MS paint of them drawing the scene of them drawing the scene in MS paint, in MS paint

Hs2zg6R Imgur Imgur

4. When this lot bathed in some water on top of some other water


5. When oreos released some Oreo flavoured oreos

W4CzXMa Imgur Imgur

6. When this cat was hugged by the cat being hugged by the real cat

8gorgWe Imgur Imgur

7. When we all noticed this notice and had our minds blown

mUTnTVX Imgur Imgur

8. That time a Google car took a photo of this guy taking a photo of the Google car

1h0sc Imgur Imgur

9. When this printer printed a print-out of itself

There’s also a printer than can ACTUALLY print itself in fully functioning parts. We’ve come full circle.

ObdLcPs Imgur Imgur

10. This painter who painted huge paintings within his paintings

01ZBKV0 Imgur Imgur

11. When a knife was constructed out of four other, smaller knives

Deglon-Meeting-Knife-Set Neverseenthis Neverseenthis

12. When these fishermen caught a shark within a shark. Bonus shark

EXClw9N Imgur Imgur

11. When THIS happened and everyone just stopped knowing what to believe anymore







Turn back, we’re in too deep.

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Can you make it through this article without having your mind blown?>

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