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11 times things just got waaay too deep

We don’t know what to think any-more.

YESTERDAY WE WERE taken aback by how deep Macaulay Culkin went with his whole t-shirt game.


He wore a photo of Ryan Gosling wearing a photo of himself, and we were all

EMrknJP Source: Imgur

Then some genius photoshopped this and it all got too much.


It’s time we went deeper. Like these historical moments in time.

1. When someone did a skittlebomb by dropping a skittlebomb

Jagerbomb? Skittlebombs? I give you the Inception Bomb!!!! - Imgur Source: Imgur

2. A photobomber took the photo of them photobombing during the photobomb

SYcDwxT Source: Imgur

3. Someone drew a scene in MS paint of them drawing the scene of them drawing the scene in MS paint, in MS paint

Hs2zg6R Source: Imgur

4. When this lot bathed in some water on top of some other water


5. When oreos released some Oreo flavoured oreos

W4CzXMa Source: Imgur

6. When this cat was hugged by the cat being hugged by the real cat

8gorgWe Source: Imgur

7. When we all noticed this notice and had our minds blown

mUTnTVX Source: Imgur

8. That time a Google car took a photo of this guy taking a photo of the Google car

1h0sc Source: Imgur

9. When this printer printed a print-out of itself

There’s also a printer than can ACTUALLY print itself in fully functioning parts. We’ve come full circle.

ObdLcPs Source: Imgur

10. This painter who painted huge paintings within his paintings

01ZBKV0 Source: Imgur

11. When a knife was constructed out of four other, smaller knives

Deglon-Meeting-Knife-Set Source: Neverseenthis

12. When these fishermen caught a shark within a shark. Bonus shark

EXClw9N Source: Imgur

11. When THIS happened and everyone just stopped knowing what to believe anymore







Turn back, we’re in too deep.

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