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10 perfect Tina Fey responses for every occasion

The only way to celebrate Tina Fey’s birthday.

IT’S TINA FEY’S birthday today. The comedian and overall queen turns 45, and you know what that means…

A revisit of the times that Liz Lemon or (Tina herself) just GOT YOU.

1. When you’re feeling sad and need to get away from everyone


2. When you get stood up for a Tinder date… again


3. When you read the comments on your new profiler


4. When you go home on a Friday dying to watch the Late Late


5. When work is tough and you just wanna stay in bed with a pizza


6. When your mates try to get you to listen to this din of a band


7. When you just can’t stop your mouth from moving

tumblr_mljjige0yo1s2g53ho1_500 Gurl Gurl

8. When you see someone upset but you don’t really know what to say


9. When bae pisses you off


10. And finally, when your mate tries to set you up with their pal


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