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No luck for the Irish as Nomadland makes Golden Globes history
The late Chadwick Boseman won best actor for 1920s blues drama Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.
Criticism of Chrissy Teigen proves we're still defining women by their relationships
Nice one, Heidi.
Tina Fey absolutely laid into Donald Trump at a comedy fundraiser last night
Would you like Savlon for that, Donald?
Tina Fey brought back her Sarah Palin impression last night, and it was glorious
She’s baaaack!
David Letterman officially retired last night, and got all his celeb mates to make fun of him
Tina Fey, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld… Literally everyone who has ever been famous for being funny.
10 perfect Tina Fey responses for every occasion
The only way to celebrate Tina Fey’s birthday.
Tina Fey hailed a hero for stripping down to her Spanx on TV
People loved her for it.
Tina Fey whipped off her dress on a chat show, is now a hero
Well, that’s one way to say goodbye.
Everyone is talking about this comedy sketch tackling misogyny in Hollywood
The humour is, uh, unique.
Here's why you should binge-watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this weekend
Written by Tina Fey, the comedy is streaming on Netflix from today.
First peek at Tina and Amy's new movie - and it looks hilarious
Following on from the Globes, get ready for more of the same from these two.
Amy and Tina's Golden Globes monologue in full
Including a serious Bill Cosby burn
9 undeniable life truths as taught by Liz Lemon
Happy birthday, Tina Fey.
Is this the reason George Clooney's getting married?
We think we know what changed the long-term bachelor’s mind about marriage.
Lindsay Lohan has hinted there could be a Mean Girls reunion
It’s all down to Tina fey getting her way. COME ON TINA.
7 solid pieces of life advice from Matt Damon's Reddit AMA
Matt really took his Ask Me Anything quite seriously.
New Muppets trailer takes the p*ss out of tweets about the film
Some clever marketing right there.
WATCH: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's gas opening Golden Globes monologue
The pair hosted the awards ceremony last night for the second time.
New Muppets trailer brilliantly uses dopey tweets to promote movie
#Muppets4Life #IAmAwesome #YOLO
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host the Golden Globes for the next two years
Yay! The hilarious duo have confirmed their return.
Saturday Night Live's GIRLS parody is spot on
Their lives are just so hard.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should host everything until the end of time
Amy, Tina, call us.
8 reasons Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should host the Golden Globes again
Just say yes!
Miley Cyrus, what the HELL are you wearing now?.. it's The Dredge
The best of the day’s celebrity dirt…
The new Muppet movie looks brilliant!
The first teaser trailer is out, and it features Tina Fey, Ty Burrell and Ricky Gervais.
VIDEO: Your weekend movies… Superman and Tina Fey
Cinema trip this weekend? brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money…
Why we really want to go on a night out with Tina Fey
We reckon it would be alot of fun.
The Dredge: Liam Gallagher gets violent over his recycling bins
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8 totally unexpected Daniel Day Lewis moments
It’s his birthday today.
13 amazing celebrity appearances on Sesame Street
From early Destiny’s Child to a Shakespearean soliloquy from Patrick Stewart, they’ve truly covered all the bases.
Updated: Muppets may not be filming in Dublin after all
We retract our earlier Muppet-based excitement – but there’s still SOME good news.
16 reasons why we're going to miss 30 Rock
This could also be called: 16 reasons why you should have been watching 30 Rock all along.
A new book you're almost certainly going to want to read
Everything Amy Poehler touches turns to gold, so this book can only be a good thing.
Mean Girls the musical? Here's our song suggestions...
We’re thinking numbers about Glen Coco, Shane Oman, and making fetch happen.
J-Law in My Super Sweet 16, and all the best bits from the SAG awards
The winners, the backstage chat, Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field’s eyesight, and Tina Fey’s Trophy Cam
Okay Golden Globes frocks, let's be having you...
There are 69 pictures here. You are welcome.
12 most excellent moments from the Golden Globes
Will Ferrell, Jodie Foster, ‘drunk’ Glenn Close… and lots and lots of Tina and Amy.
The Dredge: Which star was drunkest at the Golden Globes?
All the best of the morning’s celebrity dirt.
Argo wins at Golden Globes... and Jodie Foster comes out
Also, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were HILARIOUS.
7 reasons why Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be the best thing about the Golden Globes
Amy Poehler. Tina Fey. Tonight. I want to go to there.