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These guys used the IKEA showrooms to get classy new Tinder profiles

Why didn’t anyone else think of this before?

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE important on Tinder.

So, where better to stage your profile shots than in an IKEA?

Yes, that’s what these lads did

tinderpho1 Imgur Imgur

Kevin Routson and his friends came up with the idea when they were wandering around IKEA one day.

Kevin explained to Elite Daily that his friend Theary was getting nowhere:

He had complained in the past about not having much success getting Tinder matches but if you look at his profile one could see his photos were either outdated or poor quality.

So they came up with this idea to class up his Tinder a bit:

Throughout the maze that is IKEA they began posing in positions and places they thought would be funny and ironic.

And IKEA definitely did the job

tinderpho2 Imgur Imgur

Just ignore that IKEA description there, everyone.

He went on to explain that the setting was even better than expected:

The lighting in IKEA is perfect.

Yet again, IKEA is the answer to all life’s problems

tinderpho3 Imgur Imgur

Classy stuff

tinderpho4 Imgur Imgur

Now they have a story to tell matches about how their ironic shots went viral

tinderpho5 Imgur Imgur

Will it help them? Time will tell.

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