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# one bad tip
Couple attempt to tip their waitress with some crystal meth
At least they remembered to tip?

TIPPING IS VERY important over in the US of A, but this waitress may have preferred to get nothing at all rather than this particular “tip”.

Ryan Benson and Erica Manley, pictured, enjoyed dinner and drinks at a steakhouse in Seaside, Oregon last week.

According to The Oregonian, they offered a gift card as payment for their meal, then slipped their waitress an envelope with a question mark scribbled on it.

The waitress opened the envelope to find a stash of crystal meth.

She slipped away and called the police, who on arrival found more than 17 ounces of the drug in Manley’s handbag. A police search of the couple’s hotel room uncovered a meth lab.

The manager of the restaurant said they were surprised at the incident:

We’re not a dive bar or hole in the wall. We’re a classy place.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Police found the whole thing almost hilarious:

While I should be shocked and surprised, it’s just another example of how dumb these users and dealers are. The whole thing almost made me chuckle.

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