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So, who exactly should you be tipping in Ireland?

Your bartender? Your hairdresser? WHO?

VISITING THE US can be a culture shock for us Irish people – especially the rules about tipping.

Taxi drivers, hotel porters, bartenders – they’re all expecting a dollar or five from you, and it’s incredibly rude not to give it.

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So what about over here?

Ireland does not have a ‘tipping culture’ per se, but there is a general consensus that in some places, you should be putting your hand in your pocket.

How should I tip in a restaurant?

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The commonly agreed rate is to tip 10%-15% of your bill based on what you thought of the service – though with a smaller bill most people may just round it up to the nearest amount in notes.

Do bartenders secretly despise me for not tipping them?

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Nah, you’re not expected to tip bartenders. BUT Trip Advisor tells people travelling to Ireland that floor staff expect €1-€2 for serving a large round.

Something to think about next time you get table service in a pub.

What’s the story with tip jars in cafés? Are they obligatory?

No. It’s entirely up to you. But why wouldn’t you want to stick a few coins in those tip jars from Dublin café Brother Hubbard?  

Should I be tipping my hairdresser?

Ah, the big question.

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For women, getting the gruaig done is pricey enough as it is, but some feel that tipping at least €5 the polite thing to do.

Tipping manicurists and beauty therapists can be awkward, but handing over €2 is considered good manners.

Opinion on this is still divided, however, so we ask – do you tip your hairdresser? 

Poll Results:

Nope, I'm paying enough as it is (2240)
Yes, usually €5 or €10 (1628)
Yep, a percentage of the bill (602)

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