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10 of the finest motivational quotes ever to be found on a toilet wall

Toilet graffiti artists – always there to lift you up when you’re feeling down.

SOME OF THE best philosophers in the world publish their work only on toilet walls.

Read, and be inspired.

1. *wipes away tears* Thank you

F1yhVdD Source: Imgur

2. We WILL

BYZ1rKkCEAArq76 Source: Twitter/@actuallyjake

3. Toilet anarchy

CMYcgDsWoAE4tnd Source: Twitter/@ucrazyutaraptor


4. Fingers crossed

vJOFNAb Source: Imgur


o60MwGO Source: Imgur

6. Beautiful sentiment

uSPoRlX Source: Imgur

7. *feels more secure in self*

CGiEO9DVIAIKPyZ Source: Twitter/@andreyabonny

8. The true meaning of bravery

F0VIODN Source: Imgur

9. Something we all needed to hear

inspirational-bathroom-stall-message-39__605 Source: BoredPanda

10. And finally…

CLCN6sFWIAAJfSP Source: Twitter/@eviehales

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