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Tom (the real star of Queer Eye) has revealed that he's single again and said that he has watched his episode 20 times

Sadly, things did not work out with Abby.

THE FIRST EPISODE of Queer Eye is enough to get anybody hooked.

It began with Tom telling the Fab Five about his life. He gets up, goes to work, comes home and smokes a cigarette while he watches TV. He has had three divorces, his house is fairly cluttered and he wants to turn his life around.

By the end of the episode, the guys from Queer Eye have changed every aspect of Tom’s life. From his clothes, to his hair, to his grooming routine, to his apartment. Everything has been upgraded and he has an amazing newfound sense of confidence.

By the time the Fab Five are finished with Tom, he’s a completely new man.

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With his new attitude, new style and new confidence, Tom managed to win over his ex-wife Abby. It was hard to not feel delighted for the pair of them when he debuted his new look and impressed her.

Source: Netflix

There’s nothing we love more than to hear how people from shows like this are getting on a few months later.

Unfortunately with Tom, it wasn’t really good news. Since the show was added to Netflix, Tom had been using his Twitter account to tweet photographs of himself and Abby over the years.


Now, 9 months after the show was filmed, Tom has revealed that things didn’t work out between himself and Abby, but that she still remains the love of his life.

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