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# queer eye
JVN on living with HIV, his new book, and his 'bad assumption' about Leo Varadkar
We chat to the effervescent and thoughtful Queer Eye cast member, who has written a new memoir.
# sobbing
Tell Us Which Queer Eye Scenes Made You Cry And We'll Give You A Sad Film To Watch On Netflix
We promise that we won’t recommend The Notebook.
# antoni
Every dish Antoni has taught people to cook on Queer Eye ranked from least to most appealing
Picky eaters, turn back now.
# Netflix
Binge-watched Queer Eye already? Here are 8 other Netflix reality shows to keep you entertained
Looking for something to fill the void?
# The Public Have Spoken
Queer Eye season 3 landed this weekend, and the sound of sobbing is deafening
It’s been emotional, guys.
# throwback
A look back at Trinny and Susannah's infamous 'Fashion Rules' from What Not To Wear
How far we’ve come.
# struggs to func
So, Jonathan from Queer Eye and Nicola Coughlan from Derry Girls went to see Harry Potter together
A match made in internet heaven.
# jvn
Please let 11 year-old Jonathan Van Ness's interpretive dance routine bring some joy to your life
Quite literally going for gold.
# can you believe
Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness is coming to Dublin to do stand-up - here's everything you need to know
All things *truly* keep getting better.
# post malone
You can review Post Malone's artistry without putting his looks under scrutiny, you know
No need.
# karamo brown
Queer Eye's Karamo says he's 'living proof' things can change following suicide attempt in 2006
‘Things do get better.’
# crop top
The negative reaction to ASOS's 'crop top for men' proves how fragile masculinity is
Double standards galore.
# doug the pug
Queer Eye’s Jonathan is officiating the wedding of Doug the Pug's owners
All is right with the world.
# awks
Post Malone believes people are nominating him for Queer Eye because they think he's ugly
Karamo Brown was wondering why people kept requesting Post to go on the show.
# queer eye
The stars of Queer Eye took part in a quiz and proved that they don't know anything about each other
“I always knew that you two were so self-absorbed. You got it wrong. I told you a thousand times.”
# How did this happen
Er, so Karamo from Queer Eye just made a meme out of Donal Skehan's kid
Karamo and Donal Skehan is our new weird celeb friendship.
# Emmy Excitement
Jonathan Van Ness' response to his Emmy nominations is too pure for this world
You be you, JVN!
# Netflix
Netflix have released a Queer Eye/ Nailed It crossover episode and it's delightful
It is everything you want it to be and more.
# queer eye
Queer Eye's Antoni tweeted Mindy Kaling and Chrissy Teigen offering cooking lessons because they love the show so much
Mindy and Chrissy are huge fans of the show.
# yass queen
The Queer Eye cast visited the town of Yass and were crowned 'Yass Queens' by the mayor
The sheer effort they went to for the pun should be respected.
# queer eye
The Queer Eye cast have released a music video to get us excited for season two
Just two weeks to go until the second season.
# queer eye
Season two of Queer Eye is out in less than a month! Here's everything we know about it
Can you believe?
# queer eye
Queer Eye's Tom and Abby got remarried and the Internet is delighted for them
Yes, we CAN believe.
# queer eye
5 things you probably didn't know about Tan France from Queer Eye
King of floral prints.
# queer eye
5 things you probably didn't know about Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye
Get to know the Fab 5 foodie.
# queer eye
5 things you might not know about Jonathan from Queer Eye
Can you believe?
# queer eye
This is how long it actually takes Bobby to renovate a house on Queer Eye
Plus, everything we know about the next season so far.
# queer eye
20 perfect tweets about Queer Eye in celebration of the fact that it has been renewed for another season
Imagine what the Queer Eye group chat is like.
# queer eye
5 things you probably didn't know about Karamo from Queer Eye
Get to know the king of culture.
# queer eye
The guys from Queer Eye are very amused by a fan who dressed up as them to give her boyfriend a makeover
She pretty much nailed Jonathan, anyway.
# queer eye
Jonathan from Queer Eye gave Clare from Derry Girls a shoutout on Instagram after she made a jumper of him
Who gave her permission?! (Jonathan did, don’t worry).
# queer eye
Here's the definitive ranking of each member of the Fab Five from Queer Eye
Jonathan is number one, obviously.
# queer eye
Which One Of The Guys From 'Queer Eye' Are You?
Where do you fit into the Fab Five?
# queer eye
Tom (the real star of Queer Eye) has revealed that he's single again and said that he has watched his episode 20 times
Sadly, things did not work out with Abby.
# queer eye
Here's why Netflix's Queer Eye is less of a makeover show, and more a lesson in queer culture
The reboot of the noughties classic has given it a whole new life.
# queer eye
Here's why everyone's talking about a show called Queer Eye on Netflix
Everything you need to know about the reboot.